Disaster Relief

The concept of Feed the World came about after the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines. Friends of mine who have family living there lost everything: their homes, clothes, food, family heirlooms and all their worldly possessions.

The UK government sent a shipload of rice in 20 pounds sacks for the relief efforts only to have the Philippine government put the rice in 5 pound bags with the picture of their leaders on the bags. By the time the rice got to the dis-placed Philippines the rice was filled with weevils and was non-edible.

The US military brought in clean drinking water which very little ever made it to those who desperately needed the water.

Then there was the hurricane in Haiti . . . there were too many disasters to mention in the lack of support in getting relief to the Haitians. In fact it was a total disaster.

All people want is a safe clean place to sleep, good healthy food to eat, clean water to drink and bathe in and basic clothes to get them through the challenges until they can rebuild their lives.

UBI Feed the World Division will grow amble food to feed more than 10,000 people; clothe 5,000 within our first year of production; manufacture pop up tents from our hemp products and two-piece PCV pipe pumping system that creates 5 gallons of 99% pure drinking water from either ocean water or even mud puddles.

Our First Responder Teams will have boots on the ground to install aquaponic systems so they will be able to have live food within a month.

There will be many other resources including training programs for these relief victims.