Little Syria

Little Syria is our first project which will be designed to relocate a million Syrian refugees to a land which will be designated as Little Syria.

With our use of 3D Printing equipment, we’ll be able to build 400,000 sq ft in a week and have windows, doors, plumbing and electrical systems installed within six weeks. We’ll be able to house the entire million of the refugees within three months.

Then we’ll start building individual homes at the rate of ten homes a day with each 3 D Printer and move families into their own residence. Once the families have been re-located to their own homes, we’ll re-purpose the 400,000 sq ft buildings for schools, hospitals, administration and the like.

Each person will receive training to integrate them into their new environment and one of the primary focuses will be to have the Syrian culture nurtured especially in the education of the children.

Once the infrastructure is in place Little Syria will be left up to it’s residence to govern. They will always have access to our financial support but creating a self-sustainable environment is tantamount to their success. The goal is to help the Syrians become independent of any outside resources.